Graduating and Junk

So the story starts with Gavin waking up from getting crunk from the night before graduation. Gavin realized that he drank too many Capri Suns because he woke up with a headache. But he was still very excited for graduation. So I get all dressed up with my cap and gown, and I head to the school. When I get there I realize something is terribly wrong.


Valentines Day or Sadtines Day?

       Well Valentines Day is today and so far it isn’t horrible but it isn’t wonderful. I do have a girlfriend so I had to get her something so I got her flowers and chocolate. She seemed to like it when I gave it to her in the morning. So that part is good because I like making people feel happy. Also I have gotten numerous Valentines Day goodie bags for wrestling today even though I wont be wrestling because I’m injured. So the food part of it is great!

       The part I don’t really care for is the mood that people get when they don’t have a valentine. I’m pretty used to not having a valentine because I was never really a ladies man when I was younger but when other people don’t have one and are down because of it, it almost brings me down. especially with my friend that is going through a rough patch with his ex-girlfriend. But Tonight is going to be fun because I am going to hang out with my girlfriend until later then have a brodown night with my bro’s.



Snow Day Saturday

Last night I thought I was going to wake up really early and go to a wrestling meet. I still woke up early but with no wrestling meet to go to because of how bad the roads are because of the snow! So today I will be exploring my woods ,that is filled with snow, to find something to do. Adventure time here we go!


My Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break was a good time for me, in a way. the downside to thanksgiving break was having wrestling practice while on break. That was not much fun because I just wanted to relax. Its really hard to relax when you have to run a lot. But What was good about Thanksgiving was that I could eat whatever I wanted.

The evening of Thanksgiving was very eventful because me, Henry, Connor, and Trey went to Wal-Mart and we all got some pretty good deals. Well mostly me and Henry. But Connor got a pie so we could feast on it as well, but it wasn’t on sale. It was very delicious though. Also I went to Connors house on sunday and ate with his family. He made a top secret double layered pumpkin pie that was pretty darn good. Thanksgiving break was a really good time for me and I hope Christmas break will be even more fun!

Play Day

The play starts off in confusion, not just us but appearing to be the cast of the play. The way the play was set up was that we could see that they are doing a play. You saw the individual actors as actors as well as people in the play. its like being backstage almost, but instead of backstage its on the stage in utter chaos.

One of the characters is Austin Daman who plays an old man who owns the house that they are in. He is very suspicious and comical. Then Gaby plays a British girl who is very sassy! then we have Rebecca as Nathans girlfriend/ fiancé (they both have different opinions). Next we have Ashley Mock who plays a confused old woman who is very confused. And finally there is Anna Mills who plays a cab driver who is trying to get money from Josh Hadding who didn’t have enough money to pay for the tab.

The detectives are very cunning and will do anything to get to the bottom of this mystery. One of the detectives was undercover and was impersonating the assistant director. This detective was played by Alissa Daniels. The main detective who was already in the audience waiting to see if something were to happen on the night of the play was Peyton Leatherman.

The story goes that they were doing the play just has it should have been done but then in real-life the director is killed. Then the detectives come out and start interviewing each actor. they are trying to get as much evidence as they can but there is so much of it. Then the detectives realize that all of the actors were in some sort of murder at an act before. then they figure out it was Ashley Mocks character because person who was supposed to die was Austin Damans but she didn’t know because she is old and cant see too well.

The play is very funny and is a good story. It made me laugh a lot and I had to keep second guessing myself because I didn’t know who the killer was. I might go see the play on Saturday because it was such a good view.

A Narly Experience

           The Beatty’s thought everything was going to be fine for them because of all their great contributions to museums. They were even in the works of a new robot that could go to Mars and make other robots out of the materials on Mars so it could set up a colony, but then it happened. All of the robots that they have made turned evil and took Camille and Robert as prisoners.

           They did not see where they were brought because the very robots they made put bags over their heads. The trip to wherever they stopped at was very long. Then the bags were taken off and Camille and Robert saw the true enemies that they were to face. A huge around 35ft narwhal sat in front of them on a throne. they turned around and what they saw shocked them. it was a whole narwhal army in the bottom of the sea. But there was no water, they were surrounded by a huge sea floor bubble that engulfed as far as the eye can see of see floor. The last thing Camille heard before passing out was “you will help us destroy everything you know” by the king narwhal.